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Elements of Landscape – Community Gallery Exhibition

Wednesday 6th December – End of January (Date to be Confirmed)

Elements of Landscape

On display from Wednesday 6 December in Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery’s Community Exhibition Gallery, comes an exhibition from a small group of artists, entitled Elements of Landscape. Lead by Tony Coneys and including artists Christine Ryan, Rob Edmondson and  Ceris Jones, the exhibition displays works inspired by Landscape from a variety of locations and is mainly Oils, Acrylics, mixed media and printmaking and the outcomes vary from realistic to Abstract and semi Abstract.

Tony Coneys says;

“After completing Foundation Studies at Blackburn College from 1973 to 1974 I completed a B.A. in Fine Art at Preston Polytechnic from 1974 to 1977. During this time I specialised in Printmaking and Photography.

Today my work is concerned with the theme of Landscape focusing on the aspects of Geology, Texture, Colour and Drama that can be found within the Landscape. The work on show is inspired by visits over time, to North Wales, Anglesey and the West of Ireland. My approach to work owes more to Printmaking rather than to Painting.”

Rob Edmonson;

“My art is a representation of the Lancashire landscape, where I live, places I am familiar with and the places I visit. Every piece is a challenge. Acrylic is my medium of choice, sometimes embellished with oils to give the colour extra vibrancy.

The art I produce tends not to be completed quickly, although one could say that it takes as long as it takes! Deciding when a piece of art is complete is a prerequisite to being an artist.”

Christine Ryan;

“My connection with the sea is deep rooted, with a strong family connection. I am particularly drawn to the ceaseless motion and impact of the tide and how the landscape is ever changing and temporary in a way that can sometimes be difficult to predict. I am intrigued by how the sea has the power to make and remake the landscape.

I have spent a number of years (including the time on my recent MA course), exploring the notion of making time visible. I have recently found creating monotypes a suitable language for this exploration. There is immediacy with the process, which, whilst having a skeleton of an image in mind demands an intuitive approach. I try to work with the sense of atmosphere that can be created and how the ink of the monotype records every touch, mark and texture, developing its own vocabulary and language. Monotypes are for me, a wonderful combination of printmaking, painting and drawing.”

Ceris Jones;

“I make drawings and paintings which explore the figure preparing for and being actively involved in human adventure and activity within the Landscape.

The world of cavers and their speleological activities remain a great source of inspiration for me.

My most recent work features the caver’s environment of the impressive  limestone landscapes, areas of intense exploration for cavers and climbers. I’ve produced many drawings on site of this rugged and tortured scenery. The weird landscapes of karst (limestone) are penetrated by a labyrinth of caves and tunnels and is a challenge to capture in the sketchbook.

I mostly work from observation in charcoal or pencil to quickly portray the “moments” I have seen. Sometimes, drawings are developed into monotypes and collages.”


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