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Festival of Making – Zimoun

Please note we are open on the 11th and 12th of June (11:00 – 5:00)


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Switzerland-based, internationally renowned artist Zimoun presents a mechanical sound sculpture, exhibited at Blackburn Museum for three months.

Zimoun is best known for his installative, site-specific, immersive works, using mechanical principles of rotation and oscillation to put materials into motion producing sounds.

Zimoun principally uses simple materials from everyday life and industrial usage, such as cardboard, DC motors, cables, welding wire, wooden spars or ventilators; yet by combining them he develops small apparatuses which, despite their fundamental simplicity, generate a tonal and visual complexity once activated in multiples, of often hundreds

Zimoun has previously presented work internationally with recent exhibitions in Seoul, São Paulo, Paris, Madrid and Beijing.

The work will be presented in collaboration with Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery will open on the 11th of June and run for 3 months.

The cardboard for this exhibition has been supplied by the Cardboard Box Company.