Loan Boxes

We offer a COVID secure loan box service to all local schools.  Each of the boxes includes original objects or a mixture of original and reproduction artefacts; and they are intended to support teaching in the classroom.

See below for a full list of all of the loan boxes we offer. Any box may be borrowed, for up to two weeks. They have to be picked up from and returned to the Museum. Just contact the Museum to book the boxes you need.

The boxes are available for loan at a cost of £20 per box.

“The range of resources in the Islamic box was really good; they cover the whole primary age range. We used them with Reception and Year 6 as well as for display and in assembly.” – St James’ Primary School

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the loan of the Victorian artefacts again this year. As always, the children enjoyed looking at them and produced some lovely work. Thanks again and kind regards.” – Hilary

Roman artefacts

This box contains reproduction objects and includes a person’s red tunic and brooch, together with personal items (a wax tablet and stylus, a chatelaine, strigil, knuckle bones, a leather purse and coins) and domestic objects – jugs, bowls, an oil lamp etc

Victorian Domestic objects

Each box contains a selection of items such as potato masher, toffee tin and tobacco box, ceramic jam jars, butter pats, child and adult clogs, and medicine bottles.

Victorian washday

Have your own washday with a Dolly Tub, posser, clothes horse, wooden tongs and a flat iron.

Children in wartime

This suitcase-styled loan box contains items an evacuee might have been allowed to take and it also contains a ‘Children at war’ resource pack and a reproduction poster for the evacuation service.

Food in wartime

This box contains an adult’s weekly ration together with posters and teacher’s notes on rationing and some wartime recipes.

The Home Front

This contains an original Home Guard and Firewatcher’s helmet; also identity cards, ration books, posters and newspapers. The box also has a CD, DVD and resource packs.

South Asian artefacts

This box contains a selection of domestic and personal objects from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

Japanese artefacts

This box has a wide range of objects including costume for adults and children, examples of packaging, posters and ideas for classroom activities.

Pakistani artefacts

This contains a range of costume for adults and children, decorative and domestic objects.

The Sacred Treasures Loan Boxes

This set of boxes is designed for use in Religious Education lessons. Each box has a selection of artefacts representative of religious practice in each faith and each box is supplied with teacher’s notes written by a practicing member of the faith.

Sacred Treasures – Buddhist

This contains Buddha Rupa together with Bell and Dorie, incense sticks, ‘Chinese’ Buddha and prayer wheels; designed to reflect Buddhist practice in different countries.

Sacred Treasures – Christian

This packed box contains items showing the diversity of Christian practice – Catholic, Protestant, non-conformist and Orthodox.

Sacred Treasures – Hindu

The box contains images of Hindu gods including Ganesh, Rama and Sita together with items used in religious devotions, such as Pooja sets and Mendhi kits.

Sacred Treasures – Islamic

A range of objects used by Muslims, including – Qur’an and Ra’el, prayer mat, Hajj robe, qiblah and Prayer beads.

Sacred Treasures – Jewish

This box includes the following: Kippah, Menorah, Dreidle, Torah scrolls, Mezuzah case and Seder plate

Sacred Treasures – Sikh

This box includes the following: Turban, Kirpan, Kara, Kangha, Kacchera and prayer beads