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Kick Down The Barriers

Kick Down the Barriers

Kick Down the Barriers is a project led by Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery, exploring Blackburn communities that have been publicly labelled as “segregated” and “divided” on national press, media and social channels. Using engaged arts practice alongside written enquiry and research, communities will collaborate to challenge these stigmas that tarnish their town.
This will happen through a series of artist residencies, which take place within “segregated” communities. Together, robust and authentic representations of those communities will develop out of cohesive and engaged work.
This will be supported by writing residencies, who will academically, publicly, socially and contextually discuss, critique, evaluate and outline the contexts of these works. This writing and research will be published across a variety of platforms, challenging the labels that have been imposed onto Blackburn town.
Five locations have been selected as residency areas, each located in an area of low arts engagement as defined by the ‘Taking Part’ survey.

These are:
1.Mill Hill & Ewood
2.Audley Range
3.Bank Top
4.Whalley Range
5.Blackburn Museum

Blackburn has built itself up on the shoulders of rope makers and textile weavers, many of whom were immigrants. The very fabric of Blackburn today is as diverse as it has always been. Through this project, the Museum will better understand its local audiences, and therefore make necessary steps towards improvements that will enhance its relevance to the breadth of contemporary communities it serves today.

The artists and writers we have commissioned are:
1. William Titley (in Blackburn Museum)
2. Craig Easton (in Bank Top)
3. Karen Mathison (in Ewood & Mill Hill)
4. Paul Nataraj (in Whalley Range
5. Saima Hussain (in Audley Range)

4. Jamie Holman & Sana Maulvi
5. Emma Sumner
6. Abdul Hafiz
7. Rebecca Alpher-Grant
8. Laura Brown
9. Marcus Raymond
10. Mark Ward

Social Media Links:
Facebook: Kick Down The Barriers
Instagram: @KickDowntheBarriers
Twitter: @KDTBarriers
Email: kickdownthebarriers@gmail.com

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